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When someone asks you if you want to crew on a sailboat as part of a return trip from Hawai'i to California, your answer should be, without hesitation, "YES!" And if you are hesitating, here is a video and a bunch of photos from my own experience of saying "yes."

The crew consisted of John, the captain, Robert, Julia, Sarah and myself. The distance between Hawai'i and California is roughly 2,500 miles but following the wind made us head north east straight out of Honolulu! The five of us sailed about 3,000 miles in 17 days 50 ft long Davidson sailboat to get back home.

Some of the highlights included:

- skinny dipping in 17,000 ft of crystal clear vivid blue waters

- a bright dome of stars from horizon to horizon, every night

- bioluminescence excited by the boat and dolphins at night

- 3 mahi-mahi (fish tacos)

- whale sighting

- unbelievable sunsets and sunrises

- complete disconnection from the world

Sailboat bow-2

Being on a sailboat for a little over two weeks, with virtually no contact with the outside world is quite a unique experience. One thing that I found fascinating was the shift in priorities. There is virtually only one thing that matters and it's that the boat gets you safely home! Other troubles that might be happening on the mainland become meaningless. It's an amazingly freeing experience and feeling.

So do yourself a favor. If someone offers a similar trip, don't think twice and go for it!

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