Product photography for any platform

My name is Guillaume and I am a Portland OR based product photographer who specializes in remote/mailed-in/dropped-off photoshoots. Whether you have a new line of high-end gear you want to advertise to REI, a collection of items you plan on selling on Amazon, new products to show off on your website or simply want to refresh your Etsy gallery of handcrafted jewelry, I can help.

Below are just a few examples of the variety of products I’ve photographed and of styles I can provide.

Hero shots​​

One powerful image is often enough to show your customers what they gain by choosing to patronize your business. While more standard product photography can be streamlined, these are unique photos that capture your viewer’s attention and draws them in. On top of the usual custom lighting, creating these images requires additional attention to details, an understanding of your product and its uses and increased professional post-processing.

Black & custom backgrounds​

If white backgrounds are too plain for your taste and not a requirements, darker, colorful and custom backgrounds are another great option. As with all other product photography I perform, these images are created with custom lighting both to highlight your product but also to match a background choice (before post-processing). Indeed it is often critical to know the color and brightness of a chosen background in order to best light your items. An object lit and photographed with a white background will look out of place if inserted in front of a dark background, and vice-versa. 

White backgrounds

In most cases, the most efficient way to showcase your merchandise using product photography is with a strong, bold and clear image. That’s where the pure white background often shines. It is a standard in product photography for that very reason: no distractions, just your product. After all, there must be a reason why white backgrounds are a requirements for Amazon images.

While the end results are relatively standard, the process to create them is nothing but. I shoot all images with custom lighting, regardless of background choices, to best highlight your products.