What’s In My Camera Bag?

Finding the ideal camera bag (and what to fill it with) has always been a bit of a struggle. As a travel/adventure photographer, simplicity, bulk and weight are just as important to me as image quality. In that spirit, I try to keep my camera bag light and relatively basic. I’ve detailed my experience shooting rangefinder lenses on the Sony A7rII body in my Travel Photography Gear post. This trip allowed me to refine the way I carry most of my gear.

Here’s what you will find in my camera bag on a daily basis:

– Sony A7rII: I love this camera. The sensor is ridiculously good and the body as as small as it gets for a mirrorless full-frame camera. The only missing would be weather-sealing. I’ve recently had the sensor modified by Kolari Vision so that it works even better with Leica M-mount lenses.

– Voigtländer 21mm f/4 Color-Skopar: It’s one of my favorite wides. Whatever this lens might lack in image quality is greatly compensated by its teeny tiny size.

– Zeiss 50mm f/1.5 Sonnar: This beautiful piece of glass is a portrait and street photography gem. It’s small and has amazing character, which is important since it’s not so great in the corners.

– Leica 90mm f/4 Macro-Elmar: I used to own the classic Leica 90mm f/2.8 Tele-Elmarit. It’s an incredible little lens but the Macro-Elmar version surpasses it. And it collapses for storage convenience!

– Voigtländer Close-Focus Adapter: This adapter allows all the m-mount lenses to focus much closer than their original limits.

– Leica Macro-Adapter: Basically an overpriced adjustable extension macro tube. But it sure is nicely built!

– Quick Release L-Plate

– Batteries, memory cards, filters, filter pouch, Leatherman Skeletool CXPedco UltrapodSony HVLF20M small flash, remote, white balance card, small air rocket, MagicFiber cloth, Peak Design strap,  lens cleaning pen, simple pen

This is what usually is in my cheap and tiny water-resistant Bestek messenger shoulder camera bag.

camera bag

Additional gear

I own other gear of course but it’s not usually part of my travel kit.

– Voigtländer 15mm f/4.5 II Heliar: A great little super wide. It does have some optical flaws on the Sony sensor but I usually can deal with them. I just don’t always pack it.

– Sony 28-135mm f/4: I actually sold this bad boy since I don’t shoot much video anymore. That being said, it is an amazing lens for what it’s designed for, but not for traveling light!

– Leica 40mm f/2 Summicron: I’ve owned this teeny tiny lens for a while now. It might be the smallest lens I own! The focal length is close enough to my 50mm that I just don’t pack it that often.

– Leica 135mm f/4 Tele-Elmar: If I ever need a little more reach. It’s a great quality lens in a small package, but not quite small enough for me to pack on a regular basis.

– MeFOTO RoadTrip Air Tripod: I’d probably pack this in my travel bag, but it wouldn’t fit in my ideal camera bag.


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