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Around the end of 2016, I sold a Benro video tripod to a random guy from Craigslist. What does that have to do with Intentional Photography you ask? Everything!

Emory ended up purchasing the tripod. After chatting about this and that, we figured out we had quite a bit in common. We exchanged information and assured one-another we’d go hiking together at some point. As with any promising encounter from Craigslist, nothing ever came from it (probably because I’m not good with keeping in touch)!

Fast forward a year to when I decided to sell an Olympus 25mm f/1.2 lens, on Craigslist again. Guess who comes back with interest! That’s right, Emory once more! Except this time was different as I managed to convince him NOT to buy the lens. Yeah I’m a poor salesman, but I got a podcast out of it! He managed to get me to chat about intentional photography on his backcountry talk-show.

If you like the outdoors and wonder how you can push your photography even further, give it a listen! You might learn a thing or two, or twelve.

Intentional Photography:

You heard it, intentional photography has nothing to do with the camera you chose. It is but a part of the equation. I traveled to Thailand with an astounding full-frame camera and six amazing high quality lenses but the photos didn’t necessarily come out better than after two weeks in Cuba with just one APS-C camera with a fixed lens. People end up spending more time worrying about which gear to use than actually taking photos! Hopefully this podcast steered you away from the paradox of camera-choice and motivated you to focus on a deeper approach to photography.

Also consider subscribing to Emory’s podcast and visiting his website where he promotes the pleasures of backpacking in the wilderness. His goal is to make it easier and more enjoyable to throw a bag on your back and meander into the wilderness.

Intentional Photography - Emory of By Land (
Emory on the PCT


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