Arizona Cactus Blooms Of The Phoenician

Cactus blooms and their vivid colors weren’t the first things that came to my mind when thinking about the pointy plants. Cacti are rugged, spiky, rough and dangerous. Cacti grow in harsh, arid desert landscapes where nothing else without thorns dares to blossom, where water and life itself seem scarce.

Do not touch!

Yet in spring, these tough plants come to life with explosions of colors. Perched atop their threatening plants, these colorful blossoms look quite striking.

Cactus blossoms at the Phoenician

We randomly found ourselves visiting Scottsdale Arizona at the tail end of the cactus blooms season. Equipped with my faithful Fujifilm X100F (read about why I think it’s the best travel camera of 2018) and her X-E3, my girlfriend and I headed to the cactus gardens of the Phoenician resort, located just north of Scottsdale. We were told the resort has a delightful collection of cacti on display. And best of all, it’s free!

Once there, the gatekeeper told us that it shouldn’t take more than fifteen minutes to visit the gardens. “Ask the valet if they can park your car for free” he told us, so we did. It wasn’t before an hour and a half that we returned from our stroll and asked for our car back! The area is small indeed but you can spend a lot of time admiring these fascinating plants.

So, if you happen to be in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, whether cactus blooms are in season or not, this little visit is worth a stop. Especially if you can sweet talk the valet into letting you park there for free, otherwise there is a paid parking area.

Cactus blooms of the Phoenician:

I took all the photos in this post with my Fujifilm X100F. It’s a delightful camera to use in virtually any conditions. The built-in pro-level features allow its user to be very creative. For this shoot for example, the smart digital converter and high-speed built-in flash came in very handy. Read all about this gem of a camera in my best travel camera article.


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