The Fujifilm X-T3 Is Here

Well, here it is, the brand-new Fujifilm X-T3 (Amazon)! I’ve been waiting for it and my preorder can’t be fulfilled quick enough. As a matter of fact, my X-E3 (Amazon) is now up for sale.

“But, aren’t you a travel photographer? Didn’t you just say that the Fujifilm X100F was the best travel camera of 2018?” Indeed I am and Indeed I did. Based on the parameters I valued in the X100F (Amazon) review, this newer X-T3 still wouldn’t be the best travel camera there is. So why would I be so excited?

Fujifilm X-T3

The four major drawbacks I found using the X100F were: no image stabilization, no weather-sealing, no flip screen and only one SD card slot. The X-E3 has similar drawbacks and also lacks a dedicated ISO dial. The X-T3 (and previous versions) fix all of these issues but the stabilization. Fuji’s flagship model, the X-H1 (Amazon) does add internal stabilization but at the expense of size and weight (and no exposure compensation dial, really!?).

While the Fujifilm X-T3 new innards are impressive, Fuji made the right decision by keeping the same ergonomics as previous models. Sure, AF is faster, sure it can shoot up to 30 frames per second and delivers amazing 4K video footage. What really matters for my style of photography are the improved low light performance and the controls. Add weather sealing, flip screen and overall ruggedness and you understand why my X-E3 is up for sale.

While traveling with too much gear is undesirable, owning such gear isn’t as much of an issue. Most of the travel I do can easily be handled by the small X100F, however some trips and adventures I end up on have harsh conditions that would force me to put the X100F away. These conditions were why I tried the rugged Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mk II (Amazon) but I wasn’t entirely happy with the M43 sensor. So in comes the Fujifilm X-T3! I will update you all once I receive the camera and use it in the field.

By the way, Fujifilm priced this amazing camera at $1,499. That means that you can get the extremely capable and almost identical Fujifilm X-T2 for new for as low as $1,099! If you don’t care about 2 extra megapixels, 4K and blazing speed, save a few hundred bucks for a lens.

About the Fujifilm X-T3 (directly from Fuji):

The X-T3 features the new X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor and X-Processor 4 image processing engine, ushering in a new, fourth generation of the X Series, and it takes full advantage of the capability of these fourth-generation devices to enjoy significant performance improvement.

  1. Higher image quality: Highest level of 26.1MP resolution in APS-C size sensor. Also, it achieves keeps as low level of noise as current models even increasing the number of pixels.
  2. Dramatically improved AF performance: 1.5 times faster processing speed than current models to deliver faster and more accurate AF, and substantially enhanced performance in face / eye detection AF thanks to 2.16M phase detection pixels arrayed at entire frame.
  3. Significant improvement in tracking performance of fast-moving subject: Delivering blackout-free continuous shooting of up to 30 fps while using smooth Live View of 60fps to check your subject.
  4. Video performance for professionals: Supporting 4K/60P 4:2:0 10bit internal SD card recording as well as 4K/60P 4:2:2 10bit HDMI output, which can be filmed at the same time. Also, featuring the video-specialized Film Simulation mode “ETERNA,” popular with the X-H1.
Ha, that’s where I parked my Lamborghini! Been looking for it!

Note: product photos in this article are from the inspiring Fuji photographer: Jonas Rask.


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