Belknap Hot Springs Resort VW Camping Trip

I can finally type up this short Volkswagen trip report now that my fingers aren’t pruned anymore! Yep, we just returned from a lovely trip to Belknap Hot Springs Resort with my better half and a whole bunch of V-dub aficionados. This time we gathered together with the Oregon Bus Club to celebrate Josh’s birthday. […]

Vanagon Camping in Nehalem Bay State Park

Vanagon Camping

Rainy forecast and freezing temperatures weren’t enough to keep us from jumping in our beloved Vanagon to go camping a couple weekends ago! The Wet Westies group puts together this yearly event in February at the Nehalem Bay State Park Campground. Basically a bunch of Volkswagen bus, vanagon and eurovan fanatics get together to catch […]

Iceland Ring Road In December, A Six-Day Road Trip

Even though the sun shows its face for less than five hours a day in December, the Iceland Ring Road is worth the trip. To be fair, I am biased. Iceland has been at the top of my places-to-visit list ever since I’ve had such a list. Now that I’ve been there a couple times, […]

Visiting Cuba: A Two-Week Trip Report

The United States of America does not recommend visiting Cuba. The country’s current travel advisory level is 3 out of 4: “reconsider travel.” Well that’s just unfortunate. Cuba is one of the most interesting places I’ve had the chance to visit. The two lovely weeks we spent there couldn’t have been more fascinating. What does […]

Travel Photos, Sony A7rII & Leica Glass

Update: While I adore the A7 system, I recently fell in love with the Fujifilm X-series and believe that the X100F makes for a better travel camera. Read all about why in my Best Travel Camera article. With that said, the Sony A7rII paired with rangefinder lenses is exceptional, as described in this article. Travel […]

What’s In My Camera Bag?

Finding the ideal camera bag (and what to fill it with) has always been a bit of a struggle. As a travel/adventure photographer, simplicity, bulk and weight are just as important to me as image quality. In that spirit, I try to keep my camera bag light and relatively basic. I’ve detailed my experience shooting […]