If you are in need of product photography services, you've landed in the right place!

Mail-in/Drop-off product photography

This type of service is usually the simplest way to get your products photographed. The process is as easy as 1-2-3: you ship me your products (or we arrange to meet and exchange products), I shoot them, upload the images to a private gallery and return/dispose/donate the products (whichever option you prefer).

All standard image packages include the following:

  • Custom lighting
  • Basic retouching
  • High resolution images
  • Royalty free usage
  • 100% Amazon compatible 
  • Downloadable online image gallery (full resolution)

Product Photography Pricing

Standard images:

  • < 5 images: $25/image
  • < 10 images: $23/image
  • < 20 images: $21/image
  • < 40 images: $19/image
  • Contact me for pricing for projects over 40 images

Hero images:

Hero image pricing is dependent on the overall scope of the project that is necessary to meet your needs. While the starting price is $100 per image, I encourage you to contact me to discuss the details that would affect this price. As a general rule of thumb, quantity of similar looking images reduces the per image price while complex lighting, background, props, reflections and lifestyle aspects tend to increase the cost.

Specialty items and upgrades:

  • Oversized products (> 2ft): + $15/image
  • Jewelry and other small objects (focus stacking): + $10/image
  • Highly reflective items: + $10/image
  • Hands: + $15 /image
  • Transparent files: + $10/image
  • Background swap: + $5/image
  • Custom background creation: + $10/image
  • Color shift (if possible): +$10/image
  • Infographic overlays: + $10/image

Hero product photography examples

Tell me about your product(s) and allow me to help you improve the visual side of your marketing strategies.